Friday, January 14, 2011

Nothing in Life is Free - NILIF

In our previous note, we mentioned "Nothing in Life is Free" (NILIF) as a tool to help your anxious dog but NILIF is appropriate and helpful for ALL dogs.  Nothing in Life is Free is just that, your dog works for each thing he wants.  He sits before you fix his dinner, he waits before you open the door.  This technique teaches good manners and help generalize training.  If your dog is used to working for everything he wants, he won't just blow you off because he knows you don't have cookies in your pocket today.  NILIF also helps your dog understand just where he fits within his pack because a higher status pack member (you) controls access to resources (toys, games, food, etcs) of a lower status pack member (your dog).  This happens in a humane, stress-free way that teaches your dog patience, frustration tolerance and good manners. 

Please read the link below to learn more about NILIF:
Nothing in Life is Free - NILIF

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